Our Story

It all began back in March 2015, when we became tired of drinking Milkshakes every day and felt the need for something different. That’s when we realised that there wasn’t a lot else out there and thought it would be a great idea to bring back to Delhi some of the best food we had tasted around the world.

We dreamt of freshly sourced ingredients, filled with flavours gathered from all around the world, coming together in the form of pizzas, pasta, burger, sandwiches, wrap, creating the perfect product in front of each and every hungry pair of eyes stepping through our doors.

So we brought our favourite flavours from around the world together under one roof to share them with you. From the uniqueness of the Indian freshness of the Greek dishes, from the sweet & spiciness of the American Smokey to the pineapple & chilli salsa and more, with every bite, our product aim to offer your taste buds a delicious experience around the globe.

We like to learn from and become inspired by every culture we come in contact with and as we are lucky enough to find ourselves in great places, we believe in people of all cultural backgrounds coming together to celebrate what unites us… our love for food!

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