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Where It All Began

As they say, it’s just one decision away. It started when an entrepreneurial bug hit three innovative foodies from Agra. Pulkit Arora, a dynamic entrepreneur stepped up with the idea and his dynamics swayed Simran Jeet Singh to follow the suit. 

The passion was same, but the skills were different. Simran Jeet Singh is handling expansion, media handling and strategies. Pulkit Arora is heading the organization with CEO tag. Combined together, they form a very enthusiastic team who also believe in following their passion without following the 9 to 5 clutches. Being foodies, all of them felt the need for clean and hygienic food and beverages. Keeping in mind the nutritional value and taste, they started with a new venture. This is how Jux Pux was born.

Pulkit and Simran cherished the golden days of college together. This Agra duo started their journey with a retail outlet in Connaught Place. The two friends were insistent on providing their customers food and beverages that are light on the tummy but heavy on health, nutrition and taste. They’re out of the box thinking and sincere efforts are the wind beneath their wings. This has taken them to a level where they have collaborated with some of the top Multi-National Companies of the country.

Jux Pux has made its presence and ‘essence’ felt through corporate kiosks, café lounges and food corners. They have also spread the health through school fetes, college fests making the gen next aware of the benefits of non – alcoholic beverages. Being in sync with the technology, they have launched their mobile app which allows you to grab tasty and healthy delights just a tap away.

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